Our Story at Cattery365

Cattery 365 Northampton is a fully qualified as well as regularly inspected– comfort, health and hygiene is our # 1 top priority.

We make sure that your cat is well taken care of even if you are away.

Our small cattery is located in Bedfordshire. It is under the personal care of our proprietor who ensures that specific cat needs are always catered.

We are proud to present first-class accommodation and take care of your priceless feline friends.

Our cattery Northampton lies at our residence, close to our residence for optimal safety and also neglects the huge relaxed and remote gardens.

It’s the dreamland for your loving pets to enjoy their holiday and also unwind.

Cattery 365 Northampton welcomes watchings, as we take pride in our cattery center as well as the requirement of treatment we offer.

We sustain previous watching. What’s more, no consultation is needed when seeing within our opening times.

A Home From Home For Your Furry Friend!

We additionally treat our cat guests as individuals. We provide them all phases of affection and also play every day.

We ensure that your cat will certainly have a relaxing time and that you’ll go back to discover them gratified as well as joyful.

We recommend that you tell us about their regular, suches as as well as dislikes on arrival so we can treat your caring close friend just like they go to house.

Our Philosophy

Our personnel prepares as well as always ready to take the very best of your cat while you are away.

All cats are taken outdoors individually into one of our play lawns to play.

Our philosophy is based on the natural principles of life: Love, Comprehending as well as Regard. Every cat in our cattery is treated with these values.

We Understand The Cats Needs

We value every kittens and cat the means they are. We also recognize that cats have various demands due to their genes. That’s the structure for a great relationship with your feline close friend.

Cattery 365 do not try to change them or regulate them. We can educate them and also train, yet they have their own mind.

Cattery 365 is your residence for your cat!

Cats Are Our Passion

Our love for different breeds of cat is our interest. We cherish every cat that we own and also each kitty we took excellent care of.

As cat owners ourselves, we understand that the suggestion of leaving your family pet in somebody else’s treatment while you are away can be distressing.

So, we urge you to speak about any issues you may have with us.